Volunteers are what make us a successful snowmobile club! Without our volunteers, we wouldn't be able to provide the services we do. Fundraising is critical in generating the revenue needed to provide the best-groomed trails we all enjoy. It's a year-round effort - from the summer brat and bake sales to our major winter fundraisers such as Ride with Pride. From committee planning to the people that arrive early and leave late working the events, these are the folks that make it happen!


Snowmobiling is the main driver of winter tourism and the economy of our area!


Proceeds from our fundraisers are used to help fund trail grooming programs. Even though snowmobile clubs receive state reimbursement for a portion of the trail preparation and grooming, that doesn't come close to covering the expenses of maintaining snowmobile trails. We receive state reimbursement for grooming and maintaining only about half our trail system. The remainder is groomed and maintained at the expense of the club. Trail groomers cost more than $200,000 - the cost of which is not reimbursed. The Sno-Eagles have three groomers. Fuel must be purchased, and groomer equipment must be insured and maintained - an additional cost for the club. And our groomer drivers are paid from club revenue.


Please consider volunteering for any of our programs to help us continue raising the needed funds so we all can enjoy snowmobiling here in the Eagle River area.

A big thank you to all our volunteers!

Below is a list of the committees and their chairs
  • Fundraising - Chuck Bodie
  • Activities - Carole Linn
  • Communications - Holly Tomlanovich

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