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Snow & Trail Conditions

Last Updated: 12/21/2014 @ 08:20 AM

Sno-Eagles & all of Vilas County Trails are Open. 
Currently trails in Sno-Eagles Country are still in Fair Early Season Riding Condition.


Early Season Riding means conditions change very quickly.  There may be a section with ruts left from hunting season as some trails are on Forestry Roads; with the icy conditions there can be icy spots;  branches could be down from the combo snow/sleet.  So reduce your speed & keep an eye out for all conditions.  Be safe.

Groomers to include Trail Boss Tom, were out again last night to smooth out the rough frozen ice & new SNOW beginning the Photo: Thanks Groomer Dan Towne for the grooming work.  The guys are out when we sleep!building of the base. When you ride gives these guys a thumbs up.  They groom when most of us are asleep. Also remember, even though the groomers are really big they can not leave the trail so stop, move over & wait for them to go by. 

Section of Trail 3 north of Eagle River between Trail 17 & Trail 10W/13N is closed. A new creek appeared in there & it is still wet. It is blocked with orange fencing & a sign. So stay out. 

Catfish Lake Loop & Eagle Lake Trail are not open yet.  We will target Christmas/New Year's Week so stay tuned. As for other lakes in the County check locally.  Remember not all lakes have safe trails.


Lastly, this morning, there was a sledding fatality yesterday in Forest County.  A 22 year old rider.  Please keep his family in your thoughts & prayers.

Keep Doing' the Snow Dance & THINKING COLD! Winter seems to have returned to Vilas County. 
Merry Christmas & See ya on the trails real soon! 

Holly Tomlanovich 
Sno-Eagles, Inc. 
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